Top 7 Best GoPro Mini Tripods Reviews

GoPro cameras are the most popular footage cameras that everyone has recognized. However, to shoot the best shot with the GoPro cameras, you need to have tripods to stabilize and allow you to shoot in any angle you want with ease. But, you don’t require to have the big one to mount with your GoPro camera; all you need to have is only a small one or mini one, that is ample. With GoPro mini tripods, they are lightweight that makes ease in carrying around all the time. Thus, don’t be hesitant to purchase one among seven best mini tripods below.

Even though they are small, they are capable enough of taking perfect footage for you so that you can rely on it all the time without any doubt. More than that, they have universal smartphone and GoPro holders that are designed to be compatible with most smartphones and GoPro these days. In term of material, most of them are made of thick and sturdy plastic material that prevent against slipping perfectly so that you don’t have to worry about any accidental drop during mounting at all. Lastly, they allow you to shoot in 360 Degree conveniently so that you can capture every single best moment during trips, holidays for your souvenir compilation to view next time very easily.

1. Manfrotto Rugged Mini Tripod Kit

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This kit includes two pieces of mini tripods which can be mounted with GoPro cameras as well as other branded action cameras. They are super lightweight but durable enough for long term use due to premium material. More than that, it has universal mount so that you can mount with any model of GoPro cameras conveniently. For tripod head, it is equipped with push button for secured locking as well. Not least, it features swift and easy fit once mounted.

2. Luxebell Camera Tripod Mount 360 Rotatable Mini Steady Self-Tripod for GoPro

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This mini tripod is lightweight since it is made of plastic that is thick and sturdy enough for heavy use. Its feet are made from non-slip rubber that prevents against sliding off while shooting precisely. What’s more, it has universal smartphone holder that supports any smartphone on the market these days. Besides stabilizing your footage, it can be used as other functions such as selfie stick, FaceTime, skype and so forth. Therefore, if you are seeking for multi-use mini tripod, this one is the best.

3. Joby GPod Mini Magnetic Tripod

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With this mini tripod, it provides all you need in taking the best footage for sure. In term of material, it is made of man-made material for durability as well as stability while shooting. What’s more, it has magnetic feet to ensure stability for shooting that you have never experienced on other types of mini tripod. And, it also has flexible neck that can be adjusted to shoot in any surface you want with ease. With portable weight, it can be carried around very easily.

4. Miggo Flexible Small Mini Camera Tripod

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This one from Miggo is compatible with not only GoPro cameras but digital cameras as well, and it has been recognized as the world’s most flexible mini tripod that has ever made. It has five flexible legs as well as non-slip dots to ensure super stability while shooting all the time. In term of material, it is crafted with stainless steel mixed with silicone that are durable enough for long term use. With this premium, it can be mounted anywhere at any time you want.

5. Fugetek Table Top stand & Mini Tripod for GoPro

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With this one, it can be mounted with not only GoPro but other types of cameras as well. It is made of premium material to ensure flexibility and durability all the time, and it is easy to setup and detach in just a blink of eyes. Plus, it is designed with perfect fit which means you can put in your luggage, backpack, and other things with ease. What’s more, it is ideal for taking photos and video both indoor and outdoor than any other mini tripods. Thus, if you are looking for mini one with many features, this one may be your first choice.

6. AVAWO Universal 12-Inch Mini Flexible Tripod

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This is 12inch flexible tripod that you may be seeking for. It is equipped with quick release plate to easy mounting than any other mini tripods. To be genuinely universal compatibility, it comes with two universal holders; one is for GoPro cameras, and another one is for smartphones. Most importantly, its legs can be folded for easy mounting anywhere you want at any time. Lastly, it is also designed with release tab to quick dismount as well.

7. Kamisafe KINGJOY KT-600S Octopus Style Mini Adjustable Flexible Tripod

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For this handy one, its three flexible legs are identical to octopus for easy carry around all the time, and they are designed to provide a variety range of shooting angles as well. Moreover, it can be mounted with either GoPro cameras or other smartphones and DSLR cameras. Additionally, its rubber feet grips are designed to stabilize while shooting. With its swivel head, it can be adjusted to shoot in 360Degree photography with ease.